Sonakshi turns designer for clothing brand


Sonakshi Sinha has designed Provogue’s new Winter collection. How did that happen? “Being a fashion school graduate, I am deeply interested in the kind of range Provogue has decided to do this Fall/Winter. I wanted to go one step further instead of just being the face of the brand. The management was thrilled with my inclination, which only encouraged me further. Before we knew it, I was working with the team to help design the new line.” What elements of your personal style have you incorporated into this line?
“Comfort is of utmost importance to me.
And I also believe that simplicity has its own charm. Keeping these two factors in mind, along with the seasonal trends, we’ve kept the collection simple yet appealing, playing around mostly with textures and prints.” What is your style quotient for this season? “I’m going to stock up on lots of leggings and jackets.” What do you think are the must-have pieces this winter? “A nice denim or faux leather jacket, along with some spunky cardigans and shrugs to throw on.” What fashion advice would you give your fans? “Be comfortable, be you. What’s most important is to understand what suits your body type and personality. Stick to that and you can’t go wrong!”


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