Met office says rains produce water six times of Tarbela dam


Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)’s Director Dr Muhammad Hanif has said that, for the first time in the history of Sindh, 400 mm rain has showered causing 37 million acre feet (MAF) of water.
National Weather Forecasting Centre Director Dr Hanif said on Monday that 37 MAF of water meant six times greater than the total storage capability of Tarbela dam.
He said about 50 percent water out of 37 MAF flowed into ocean or absorbed by ground or was evaporated however further capacity of absorbing water is nil.
“And water flow in Tarbella and Mangla dam has also been remaining full in the last three weeks, so level of water in canals and grounds across Sindh has no chance to further decrease at least for a month,” he added.
About rain forecasting, he said that the showering would came to an end on Tuesday and, after that, normalisation of situation might take one to two months.


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