Prices of most of vegetables rise in capital’s Sunday bazaars


Prices of the majority of vegetables increased in the city’s Sunday bazaars compared to the last week’s prices. However, this week the prices of potatoes, tomatoes and chicken decreased from the rates of previous week. According to the Sunday bazaar price lists, this week the price of round gourd (Tenda) and ladyfinger registered an increase of almost 200 percent. Tenda was sold at Rs 80 per kg against the previous week’s rate of Rs 30 per kg, while the ladyfinger was sold at Rs 56 per kg rather than the previous week’s Rs 26 per kg.
The prices of the carrot, kerala, ginger, brinjal (Bangan), cauliflower and green tori also significantly increased.
This week bitter gourd and Brinjal prices increased up to 50 percent. Brinjal was sold at Rs 30 per kg with a 50 percent increase over last week’s rate while the kerala was sold at Rs 40 per kg compared to previous week’s Rs 30 per kg.
Cucumber prices also witnessed an increase of 50 percent, being sold at Rs 60 per kg rather than last week’s price of Rs 30 per kg.
The prices of almost all other vegetable items remained stable. This week, tomato was sold at Rs 36 per kg; this rate was Rs 100 per kg the previous week. While chicken was sold at Rs 127 per kg rather than the previous week’s rate of Rs 152 per kg.
During this week, garlic was sold at Rs 100 per kg, ginger at Rs 108 per kg, colacassia (arvi) Rs 30 per kg, green chilli Rs 44 per kg, and lemon was sold at Rs 108 per kg.
In the fruit section, the prices of most of fruit items also remained stable. This Sunday apples were sold at Rs 90 per kg, Apples (Golden) was sold at Rs 60 per kg, and Bananas were sold at Rs 60 per dozen.