President Zardari given clean chit of health by doctors


According to a medical bulletin issued by Dr. Major General Azhar Kayani Personal Physician of the President from London, President Asif Ali Zardari underwent routine medical check up in a London hospital as planned in advance.
He said that the President underwent some routine medical tests and angiography.
After carrying out the tests the doctors gave a clean chit of health and President Asif Ali Zardai is absolutely fine, he said.
The doctors’ team consisted of Dr. Demarrio who was assisted by Major General Azhar Kiyani, Dr. Javed Suleman and Dr Samin Sharma.


  1. What a pitty this person who has got all medical facilities in pakistan get a clean health chit from london as rest of nation faces Dengue fever threat .malaria and other fatal but treatable disasea god save pakistan from this family and rest all politicians.A H KHAN.

  2. If we do not hold our leaders accountable and if we do not insist that they prove themselves to us, listen to us and take our concerns seriously, our leaders will not take the time to solve the problems that effect our lives. To be heard we must insist on getting the answers to questions that effect our wellbeing.

  3. As printed in the newspapers that " President underwent some routine medical tests and angiography". Why he had to go to England for routine tests. I wish doctors had tested his brain as well. That is where the problem is.

  4. Today is the death anniversary of Quid-e-Azam. He did not go anywhere for personal treatment but died in the hands of Colonel Elahi Buksh and the ambulance driver. We have made quite a progress since then. Now Major Generals are personal physicians and the ambulance cars don’t break-down for the……..
    So this Major General who is giving the nation this good news could not check the president’s health. If so he should be removed from the army and strip-off of his rank for incompetency. What a shame that Nawab Shah is flooded and people are struggling with their life and Prince Charlie after paying a photo-op. visit is now back in U.K as he was last year France.

  5. This Zardari is only good for crime against humanity more precisely against the people of this country, He travels at an approximate cost of millions of Rupees to get a medical check…bet he just went there for an agenda which only traitors of the nation resort to..This ……of a ruler who is the cause of these Azab on our nation, shamelessly is having fun of his time while millions of people are sufferig from azab of nature back home. May he go to HELL!

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