Mirza warns politicians not to unleash tirade against him


Former Sindh home minister Zulfiqar Mirza on Sunday warned that if any of the politicians dared to unleash a tirade against him just to please their party leaders, they would also be exposed to the people of the country. In an interview with a private TV channel, Mirza said his warnings should not be taken lightly, accusing Manzoor Wasan and other politicians of victimising the masses. Citing his untarnished tenure, he vowed to alleviate the grievances of the people at the first given opportunity. He also termed provincial senior minister Agha Siraj Durrani his best friend and mentor, following the nearest and dearest, President Asif Ali Zardari. However, he said he was distraught over what he perceived as unusual and repressive attitude by Durrani recently.
He said after the recent exposure of vulgar and irresponsible demeanour and attitude of MQM chief Altaf Hussain in his ideoconference, the masses had become more aware of the fact that he was not exactly the patriot they had deemed, and what Altaf posed himself as.
Mirza called Sindh Governor Ishratul Ebad one of the few politicians who were adept in misguiding the Rangers, creating fresh problems in Sindh, releasing potentially-compulsive targeted killers, and one of the major land mafia members in the province, adding that he was willing to present living proof of his allegations to the chief justice.
Mirza also labelled CPLC Ahmad Chinoy “MQM’s biggest tout”, saying he was responsible for collecting extortion money from Karachi’s business community and making “foreign deliveries”. He also scoffed at the CPLC chief as more of a thief than a chairman, saying if Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah was ever indicted, it would be over his failures to oblige the deserving citizens.


  1. Zulfiqar Mirza is nonsense and shall dry down in days. I really pity this man as he wasnt made Chief Minister and was taken away from Interior Minister was the reason for him to flare up but he cant flare up on PPP or Zardari as if the rift goes bigger maybe Mir Murtaza Bhutto or Benazir case will be solved by his blackmailing anger which is causing a bad image to Zardari as well.

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