Faheem’s spokesman rejects Nawaz’s allegations


Expressing concern over the allegations raised by PML-N President Nawaz Sharif against Minister of Commerce Amin Faheem, the minister’s spokesman said such political tactics were becoming a significant reason for Nawaz’s “political loneliness”. The spokesman said even though Nawaz was talking about respecting decisions of the court, he was ignorant of the true understanding of the decisions. He said Faheem never tried to influence the decisions of the courts while Nawaz always wanted them to be according to his own expectations.
“Moreover, whenever any issue of national importance appears before the public, the Sharif brothers are found fanning political tensions and blaming others through their Lahore-limited-party to divert the attentions from their administrative failures in Punjab,” Faheem’s spokesman said. He advised the Sharif brothers to hire a sensible lawyer who might improve their understanding of the court verdicts and should try avoiding egoistic and negative political maneuvers while maintaining a persona of responsible politicians.