Al-Qaeda chief wants 9/11 of his own


Ayman al-Zawahiri, the successor to al Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden, on the 10th anniversary of the deadly 9/11 strike has ordered an attack to “cement his control” over the terror outfit, a media report said.
The 60-year-old al-Zawahiri reportedly believes pulling off his own terror attack in the US will see off rivals plotting to seize the leadership, the report said.
New York and Washington have been put on maximum alert after intelligence experts uncovered a truck bomb threat.
Janice Fedarcyk of the FBI said: “Al Qaeda has shown an interest in important dates and anniversaries. In this instance, it is accurate that there is credible, specific but unconfirmed information.”
A former Egyptian surgeon, al-Zawahiri was bin Laden’s loyal deputy and considered the mastermind behind al Qaeda. He took over the terror outfit after bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals at his Pakistan hideout in May.
Unnamed US officials have confirmed that al-Zawahiri was behind the current alert. The information said vehicles could be used to blow up bridges and tunnels as the US prepares to honour the 3,000 killed in 2001 with programmes at New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.


  1. The attack on the icons of America’s economic and military powers, twin towers and Pentagon, changed the world instantly. The change did not take place due to the terrorist attacks; the world was changed by the massive reaction and fury of the sole super power. Within a period of one month, an attack was launched on Afghanistan which toppled the government of Taliban but which caused the terrorists to be grateful. By the hindsight, it has now been revealed that this was what al Qaeda was asking for. It had successfully provoked the US to enter the land where two earlier super powers, Britain and USSR, had lost their pride and glory. After ten years, one trillion dollar and thousands of lives, al Qaeda is many times stronger and formidable. The US has gained nothing except for taking OBL, who was only a figurehead. The COO of al Qaeda is alive and kicking and so is his ideology of conquering the world. Read more at:

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