EXCHANGE VISITS – Nawaz in Nawabshah on Zardari’s ‘orders’


Former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N President Nawaz Sharif, while visiting rain-hit areas of Nawabshah on Saturday, has said that he has complied with orders of Asif Ali Zardari by visiting this district, now it is president’s turn to give some time to the country.
Talking to journalists, Nawaz said that he came to Nawabshah to share miseries of rain-hit people. He told a questioner that the PML-N was being targeted systematically but he did not come to Nawabshah to criticise the Sindh government. The Punjab government was taking all measures possible to control the spread of dengue, he said.
The PML-N leader said that the Punjab government would follow the instruction of the federal government to deal with the flood and form a joint strategy with the collaboration of the Sindh government. He urged all political parties to get united for establishing peace in Karachi.
The former premier said that the PML-N would lend every sort of support to the Sindh government for establishing peace in Karachi. He said that all culprits should be brought to justice who had been involved in massacre in Karachi.
Private TV channel reported that Nawaz told media at the circuit house that one should not be afraid of going to prison when fulfilling their duties. “It is time to forget politics and save the country,” he said, without referring name of the president.


  1. LOVE you Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif: you are a true Pakistani and you love people of Pakistan. May Allah give you long life, good health and may Allah give you another chance as Prime Minister of Pakistan to serve this country. Pakistan needs you Mian Sahib and insha Allah we will give you votes and support in the coming election because i believe you are a true Pakistani and you care Pakistanis:

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