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Altaf heats up political pot

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain said on Friday that if Pakistan Army, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and the MQM joined forces, there was no superpower in the world that could challenge them, and offered the MQM’s cadres if the need arose.
In a three-hour video conference live from London on Friday, which was broadcast simultaneously in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi, Altaf spoke at length of an international conspiracy to divide Pakistan and claimed he might be murdered “because I am the only thing standing in the way of the plans to divide Pakistan”. He claimed to have drawn up a last will, which he would hand over to “two people” coming to London from Karachi. He said the party would decide his political successor because it was a democracy and he was not a feudal lord. He also displayed a map of the region in which Pakistan was broken up into several countries. Altaf accused the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) of paying MQM-Haqiqi members to open fire on an MQM rally in the May 12 Karachi carnage and of fueling the violence that took place in Karachi on that day. He demanded action against the JI’s “militant wing called Thunder Squad”. He said 16 MQM workers were killed and 65 were injured on May 12.
He said that innocent people were tortured and slaughtered by terrorists in Karachi in the last month, and if he were not the chief of his party, “I would have been killed or taken someone’s life”. He called on President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minster Yousaf Raza Gilani, Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and ISI chief Lt General Ahmad Shuja Pasha to view a torture video made by criminals from the Lyari Amn Committee and decide for themselves what was really going on in the embattled city. Without mentioning any names, Atlaf criticised former Sindh home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza for placing the Holy Quran on his head during his explosive news conference around two weeks ago, and mockingly repeated Mirza’s gesture. He said the Quran was for reading and obtaining knowledge, not for swearing oaths. Altaf said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Nawaz Sharif had failed to implement the Charter of Democracy, and called it a document of false promises. However, he said the MQM was willing to work alongside the PPP to ensure peace in Karachi.Addressing Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the MQM chief said the Supreme Court had issued several orders but they were not implemented.
“If you make a decision against the MQM, it might actually be implemented,” he said, in a veiled criticism of the government’s refusal to implement Supreme Court orders in several cases. Accusing the current Awami National Party (ANP) leadership of misguiding Pakhtuns, Altaf said ANP chief Asfandyar Wali Khan was provided several million dollars by the United States to win the 2008 elections. “If I was against Pakhtuns, then why was there support for the MQM when it announced its day of mourning across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?” Altaf asked. He said that in 1986, he had said that Khan Ghaffar Khan was not a traitor and even though he was against the creation of Pakistan, he had accepted it once it had been created. He added that the history of Pakistan being taught in schools was false and the country was a far cry from the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who was secularist and spoke of equality for all. Turning his guns towards the media, he said anchorpersons were saying that the MQM alone should not be allowed to rule Karachi, which was a completely arrogant attitude and amounted to “dictatorship”.

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  1. observer from the UK said:

    Shame on TV channels that they stopped all programmes just to show Altaf's comical press conference. He had no respect for Quran whom he was tossing above and below his dirty head and face. He did not come up with response to any of the allegations levelled by Zulfikar Mirza. He was singing and dancing which his cronies termed as his sense of humour. I really feel sorry for those who follow this clown. Altaf is a scourge on the earth. He proved beyond doubt that he was mentally deranged and even schizophrenic. He is a compulsive liar and for him death of an innocent man do not bother him at all.

    He is under pressure from Scotland Yard and this was a lie that he was recently admitted in a hospital. There were no indication that he was convalesing from apparently a life threatening disease.

  2. MQMer said:

    And you must be an anti-MQM bigot, most likely with ties to Punjab.

    • Temur said:

      This is what your problem is.
      Do you guys know what is the meaning of democracy ? well.. I am sure you dont like your idiots leaders.
      You should have a courage to listen what others are saying..prepare for being critized.. this is what democracy is.
      You can't tell others that he must be from Punjab or from Baluchistan when someone is pointing your faults.
      Learn to live ..

    • Hogan said:

      Kuttay kay bachay. Altaf kay tattay. Teree maan ko lun. Haramzaday. Kuttay kee mot mar behanchod.

  3. kashif imtiaz said:

    Altaf ***** ka anjam byhut he bhyanak honay wala hay, Allah kie lathie bai awaz hai……..

  4. I.Querashy said:

    He looked berserker, 'pagal,qatil,munafak,sherpasand’,serpent spouting, igniting again and again Muhajir hatred, mutiny in army as kept doing last year to destabilize Pakistan to execute USA,UK,West agenda to break Pakistan. The Mir Jaffers,Mir Sadiks would always sound loyal to hide their evil conspiracy to enslave nations to alien masters. They kill their own people then mourn over it.The burning of van may be MQM own drama to raise propaganda to ignite ‘Muahjirism’ and incite treason, rebellion in people and defense forces.To call army,ISI to join MQM to save Pakistan tantamount telling them and nation that excepting them others are traitors including PPP and Zardari.Once the army joins MQM as covertly conspired by Altaf Hussein,MQM will invite USA,UK,West,security Council to come to save Muhajir as the usurpers did in Iraq,Afghanistan,Sudan and recently Libya. In the entire conspiracy,ARY DR Danish,Badami:CNBC,Mujhid Brelvi,Jaffery,Shahzad Iqbal:Asma ,Jasmeen Samaa;Luqman,Hnisar,Naji,Kamran Khan,Mubashar,Aaskrj,Raees,awami express boy etcetc are abetting this conspiracy to break Pakistan to make MQM master of new country as designed by USA,UK,West as revealed by Altaf Hussein .Zulfikar Mirza is proven right on his swearing that Altaf Hussein talked of breaking Pakistan by killing Phatans etc.But on second part to be part of this treason, treachery ;he could not had obviously said so openly though covertly he threatened and his cronies keep saying in talk shows. The conspiracy to break Pakistan came out Altaf Hussein mad bag and it is upto SCP to take suo moto notice and prosecute MQM,Altaf Hussein for igniting open treason. they have enough tolerated MQM and its mentor MR Zardari who stays glued to conspirators to break Pakistan to perpetuate his power and save billions of ill gotten dollars . He keeps silent over every treacherous outbursts of MQM,their target killing of thousands ,bathakhori of billions of dollars in 27 years as it serves his ultimate objective.SCP is requested to ban Altaf Hussein,MQM Tv exposure, Altafs’ live speeches and press conference from London immediately and convict Zardari for his extra constitutional ,partisan conduct on day to day basis ,ruining economy, state enterprises,infrastructure,subjugating country to India,drones,Nato,West,UK,USA;the grand conspiracy starting with NRO,murder of Benazir,cursed coalition of PPP-Zardari,ANP and MQM;the munafaks,qatils,mokaprasts.All of them must be immediately eliminated to save Pakistan

  5. Pakistani said:

    Point to ponder is this why media showed more than 3 hours live conference off MQM head… in last week there were 2 conferences @ a same time , one by zulifiqar mirza and one by mqm…. n i still remember that media hardly showed few mins conference on mirza but mqm conference was showed fullyy… is media getting biased or either thay are getting pressure from this mqm…

    Like Nusrat javed pointed that his show was closed due to "Technical Reasons in Karachi"… With the message that "600 log kaam kerten hain apkay office may, sub k ghar baar bhi hain… eiether their life yah phir apka show…" !!!

    Last thing… IF MQM head is so much patriotic then WTH he is doing in U.K. Why dont he return back…. after knowing the conspiracy to break pakistan…. why didnt he pointed @ that time…. why he is still staying there…

  6. KissaKhani said:

    The following quotations explain the Psyce of Altaf Hussain, a psychotic who loves to create dilusions in the minds of gullible people.
    Habib al Ajami – To an ass. a thistle is a delicious fruit.The ass eats the thistle.It remains an ass.
    Saadi- He who has self-conceit in his head. Do not imagine that he will ever hear the Truth.
    The destiny of a wolf-cub is to become a wolf, even if it is reared among the sons of men.
    Schopenhauer- The amount of noise which anyone can bear undisturbed stands in inverse proportion to his mental capacity.
    Allama Iqbal- People who have no hold over their process of Thinking, are likely to be ruined by liberty of Thought.If thought is immature. Liberty of Thought becomes a method of converting men into animals.
    Pages can be filled to analyse the psyche of this Demagog who ''Flew over the Cuckoo's nest,''

  7. observer from the UK said:

    It is a waste of time to even comment on Altaf's so called press conference. He did indicate that he may not be present in future and he may let his 'workers' free from clutches is a veiled threat of creating law and order situation. It also indicates that he may be taken away which I think he meant Scotland Yard. He also admitted that 'we are sharing information with Scotland Yard'. This gives rise to support to recent rumour that he was probably taken in custody. SInce this thug has backing of the superpower the United States the British government is also hesitant to tell the world in black and white. Whatever the case may be the Scotland Yard is not going to give in to any political pressure regarding ongoing investigation of the murder of Imran Farooq. Besides, the Scotland Yard has found some files from Dr Imran Farooq's home which may lead to the culprits involved in the murder of Hakeem Saeed.

  8. david said:

    altaf bhai spoke to the people of Pakistan and specifically Karachi, he has the right being the third largest party with a solid mandate unparalleled anywhere else in Pakistan. This under a media and establishment onslaught.
    what he said and punctuated with bits of common speak should be considered a positive rather then a negative.
    He tied to project his true image that of middle class background, of which the MQM leadership is rightly proud.
    i appeal to the sensible among us to please see this in this spirit and not criticize him whatever the occasion. There is a limit to tolerance…….please understand.

  9. Aisha Ali said:

    CJP must ban live speeches,press conference of gutter class so called leader.By law he is criminal and cannot command politics of country or party from abroad.HE is promoting break up of country,threatening to go ICJ,Sercuirty council,threatening SCP,ROUSING ARMY TO MTINY,INCITING COVIL WAR ON MUHAJRISM.Z,Mirza rightly said he wants to break country and Altaf proved it yesterday night for 4 hours.SCP must convict Altaf and Zardari for abetting him for treason and punish them to in example.

  10. observer from UK said:

    I was appalled by watching few clips from the famous speech of Altaf Hussain through the video delivered yesterday. One could easily make out the intellectual level of this leader of so called third largest party of the country though he is living in London and pulling strings from here and destroying peace in Karachi.

    He was incoherent. He appeared cushingoid. He showed utter disrespect to Holy Quran by hurling it from one side of his skull to another side ot it and then placing it on his ugly and greasy top of the head, He recited some verses with errors taking the whole essence of the verse away. Altaf is a despicable character.

    His minion Mustafa Kamal said in his press conference last week that mohajirs were being pushed to the wall. He threatened that by doing so Pakistan could be damaged. What did it mean. A veiled threat that MQM could disintegrate Pakistan. How can it be possible that a leader from the MQM could utter these words without support of some.

    Mustafa Kamal also said that this was 2011 not 1992. He was absolutely right. It was 1992 that they could carry out their murderous activities well known to the whole country. At that time there was no TV channels and their acts were hidden. This is 2011 and there are many TV channels. Some of them are free and independent minded and therefore thuggish activities can not remain hidden. The best example is the carnage on 12th May when CCTV cameras and TV channels' cameras were showing MQM terrorists on a spree of killing innocent people. The containers were brought in to block the road through which the CJP was to move to the High Court.

    Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has come out with facts and figures and MQM has not been able to defend themselves and have offered no denial as well. ZM has broken the taboo and for the first time he challenged Altaf Hassan and called him a murderer, liar, blackmailer, thug,money launderer and a liar and enemy of the country.

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