Bomb threat triggers fear among citizens


Citizens were caught in fear after it was rumoured that a massive bomb blast was likely to hit the provincial capital on Friday. Security was tightened in major parts of the city as the 1,000 kilogramme ammunition blast was thought to be split open. There had been rumours that a deadly blast would rip the city after Ramadan which had kept government stakeholders puzzled.
Sadder Bazaar was proclaimed to be the targeted area and people were instructed to restrict their activities in the Bazaar. The rumour also disturbed students and government officials who as a result of the threat arrived late to schools and offices. People said terrorist activities had brought large-scale devastation in the city and several innocent people had lost their lives.
They said militants and other anti-state elements had upset the masses, adding that blasts in bazaars such as Khyber Bazaar, Kochi bazaar and Khyber Super Market were particularly alarming. Owing to high security in the city, 30 kilogrammes of deadly ammunition was recovered in Chamkani area, which had increased fears of violence among citizens.