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Warne borrows Hurley’s beauty products

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne borrowed girlfriend Liz Hurley’s beauty products despite having his “own set”, Daily Mail quoted the actress as saying. Warne has come under fire in the press for his makeovers since getting together with 46-year-old Hurley last year.
She told Easy Living magazine: “He has his own set now. He uses the girls’ ones – they’re much better, as I’m sure you know. Every guy I’ve ever known has used my beauty products and continued to do so.” She refused to rule out the prospect of marriage to the spin bowler, saying: “I’d never say never”.
Hurley admitted she had only seen one cricket match in her life and said she would not have to see another one because “Shane’s retired completely now”. She also discussed her relationship with former boyfriend Hugh Grant saying the pair shared cooking lessons, Italian lessons and guitar lessons “when our schedules coincide”. She added: “He’s better at Italian, I’m better at cooking, and we’re both completely appalling at the guitar”.

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