Monsoon to fly away soon


Experts have forecasted the weakening of monsoon season in the days to come, on Wednesday. The monsoon spell in Sindh is expected to last for three to four days and the monsoon spells in the entire country are expected to end in 10 to 15 days. The weakening of monsoon would hopefully end the unpleasant weather and the exponential growth of diseases because of humidity. Lahore Met Office Director Mian Ajmal Shad said that the temperature might rise once monsoon ended but because of a decrease in humidity, the weather would become more bearable. He said that vector-borne diseases were likely to fade out with the weakening of monsoon as humid weather contributed to the birth of mosquitoes.
Shad said that the heat index (HI) determined the human perceived temperature by combining the air temperature and relative humidity and that the human body normally cooled itself by perspiration which evaporated and carried heat away from the body but when the relative humidity was high, the evaporation rate was reduced, therefore people felt hotter during humid conditions. As the relative humidity level touched 40 to 50, the weather became better even if the temperature climbed to 40 degrees Celsius, he added. Another expert said that dengue and malaria was a product of the monsoon as mosquitoes bred more rapidly in humid weather. He said that standing puddles in grounds and plots made the breeding of mosquitoes much easier.
The Met Office said that heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms in isolated areas were expected over Sindh, southern Punjab and eastern Balochistan on Thursday. Scattered rain and thunderstorms are expected over Sahiwal, Faisalabad and Lahore divisions. Isolated rain and thunderstorms are expected over northern Punjab and Kashmir. The relative humidity was recorded at 84 percent in the morning which dropped to 73 percent in the evening. The maximum temperature was 35 degrees Celsius. Three hundred and thirty three millimetres (mm) of rain was recorded in Mithi, 312mm in Diplo, 90mm in Badin and 15mm in Faisalabad.