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Doubling of railway track

In the wake of partition of the subcontinent Railway services, that were originally established by the Colonial rulers; transformed into Pakistan railways after 1947. Pakistan Railway is a state –owned rail transport under the federal government services and its headquarters are situated in Lahore. Although one of the largest public sector organisations of the country, it has been facing mammoth losses for the last three decades or so despite possessing a highly significant share of landholdings and human resources besides being a source of cheap transportation for millions of people on a daily basis.
In 1947, double track on the mainline existed only on Karachi – Lodhran and Raiwind – Lahore sections. After a lapse of fifty six years, the work of dualisation of Railway Track was taken in 2003. In the first phase, doubling of track on Lodhran-khanewal via Multan route was commenced and was eventually opened for traffic after completion on 16th march 2007. The Govt of Pakistan has approved a new project costing Rs8.326 billion that has been approved for the purpose of doubling of track on Khanewal – Raiwind section covering a distance of 246 km. The work on this project commenced during the financial year 2011. The section from Khanewal to Sahiwal has already been completed and Inaugurated by Railway Minister on 5th May 2011 and the remaining project is in progress under the command Frontier Works Organization (FWO).
This second phase of dualisation of railway track was awarded to FWO by Pakistan Railway in Aug 2006.This contract was given to FWO after completion of the first phase from Lodhran to khanewal. The work is being executed at a fast pace as 217 Km out of 256 Km has been completed. In this project FWO also completed 56 bridges out of 60 and the remaining four bridges are expected to be completed very soon.
After the completion of this project Pakistan Railways will improve efficiency as two different tracks will be available for running goods and passenger trains. It will also reduce time of passengers from Karachi to Lahore and will go on to facilitate the Prem Nagar Dry Port and Sunder Industrial Estate as well.
It is indeed heartening to see that projects that will help alleviate the plight of Pakistan Railways are being undertaken. Given the amount of strategic assets possessed by the institution it is a pity that it is not being utilized to its full potential. This project once completed will have a massive impact on generating revenues for Pakistan Railways.

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