Can the CIA recover Shahbaz Taseer?


Finally, the Lahore Police on Wednesday handed over the investigations of the Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping case to the Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) for further investigation. Sources said that the decision was taken unanimously by top cops after seven investigation teams, working under supervision of Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Ahmed Raza Tahir and SSP Investigation Abdul Razzaq Cheema, failed to make any major breakthrough in the case. Sources said that the case of Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping was completely mysterious since day one. However, Lahore Police carried out a futile exercise by conducting search operations in posh areas, including Defence, Model Town and Gulberg.
Sources said that the investigation has been handed over to the CIA and from now on CIA’s Anti-Terrorist Wing will probe the case as the Lahore Police has decided to include terrorist acts in the already registered case of Shahbaz Taseer’s kidnapping. Sources said that the decision was taken by top cops to include terrorism acts because kidnappers carried out the crime in broad daylight and also created panic among the masses.
Law enforcement agencies have already doubted the involvement of terrorists in the kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer. Few officials of different law enforcement agencies said that the kidnappers have successfully shifted Shahbaz Taseer to any other city. They said that there are also chances that kidnappers have managed to take Shahbaz Taseer to Afghanistan but to a surprise no one has claimed responsibility of the kidnapping.
The kidnappers have not made any demand of ransom money yet which has further added to the mystery and to the problems of the investigators. Earlier, investigators collected fingerprints from the car of Shahbaz Taseer and sent it to NADRA but the fingerprints did not matched with any fingerprints available in NADRA’s record. Investigators also arrested a few Pakhtuns, who were collecting garbage from different streets located close to the crime scene, in order to draw sketches of the criminals but all efforts remained futile. Lahore Police have registered a case under Section 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code but constituted seven teams for investigating the case which shows the importance of the case, as police usually constitutes different teams in cases of kidnapping for ransom.


    • Yusuf.
      Go and read about 1971 war (Bangladesh/Pakistan) Pakistan Army killed over three million people and raped thousands of ladies………………………. I guess according to ur standards Bangladesh should kill each and every Pakistani in the world..right???????
      Please think logically …you (as a muslim) can't kill another muslim.
      May Allah keep Shabaz Taseer safe. Amen

  1. what is the link of drone attacks with shahbaz taseer. i think yusuf is no different from ignorant idiots(talibans) who take out the frustration on their own muslim brothers.

  2. Yusuf is some how pointing rightly, Do we care about people killed by Drones, are they not Human as well.
    The time will come soon when we will only care about our own city and later- our our streets. As It is already written on wall that we do not care what is happening in tribal area

  3. who cares!! when common man is kidnapped ,even the local polis doesn't get in work!!so why the hell a common person like me would like him to be released!more over he's a qadiayani and his father was wajib ul qatal and he too .he should be killed and sent in a bori!!

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