Raped SIMS nurse registers FIR, takes leave


Tired of suspicious and questioning eyes, the nurse of Services Institutes of Medical Sciences (SIMS) took a leave for seven days after registering a case of sexual assault against the hospital’s assistant account officer, Ali Adnan. Meanwhile the hospital administration has constituted an inquiry committee in order to probe in the matter.
The nurse, a resident of Millat Park and a Christian by religion, alleged that Adnan and his accomplices rapped her on August 21. The case was registered late on Sunday. The nurse, who has been working in the hospital for six years, while talking to Pakistan Today said that she had taken a leave from the hospital after registering a case with the police.
“I was sick and tired of people staring at me and asking questions,” the nurse said. She said that after the incident, Adnan used to harass her in front of everyone at work and even threatened her to change her religion and marry him. She said that Adnan had threatened the nurse openly and on the phone for dire consequences if she revealed the incident to the police.
She said after she took a leave, no one from the hospital administration had contacted her though she had heard of the committee’s formation. She said that after the media’s intervention, Adnan had stopped threatening her.
She said that she had not contacted any Paramedic Staff Association in this regard and she had no plans of calling in for a strike. “All I want is justice and nothing else,” she said. She said that she would not change her faith for a man like Adnan and that her only mistake was that she did not fulfil Adnan’s demands. “He is a man of bad reputation and everyone knows about him,” she said.
In the meanwhile, medical college sources told Pakistan Today that the inquiry committee would include SIMS MS Javaid and SIMS finance director. Sources said that the inquiry committee would verify the victim’s statement personally. Inquiry officers would also record the statements of both the complainant and the accused. Sources added that inquiry officers will also try to figure out the circumstantial evidences and would inquire other staffers to reach a conclusion.
According to the FIR registered with the Shadman Police, Adnan along with his accomplice, on the day of the incident, intercepted the nurse while she was entering the hospital. The FIR states that the accused had stopped her several times. Adnan had talked her to sit in a car, a white Cultus (LBR 956 ), which was parked at the hospital. It further states that as soon as the nurse sat in the car, the brother of the accused placed a gun on her and she was kidnapped from the hospital to a house located in WAPDA Town where she was rapped while the brother videotaped the entire incident. The FIR states that Adnan used the video to blackmail her for doing immoral activities. The FIR revealed that Adnan showed the video to the younger sister of the nurse, who too worked in the same hospital, after which, with the help of her sister, she registered a case.