Lawyers want Zulfiqar Mirza to address LHCBA


Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) President Asghar Ali Gill on Monday called the general house meeting of the bar on Thursday to decide whether to approve the requisition submitted by a lawyer for inviting former Sindh senior minister Zulfiqar Mirza to address the bar on national issues facing the country.
Addressed to the LHCBA secretary, the requisition was filed by bar members Irfan Aizad and Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bokhari with signatures of 20 other lawyers as supporters. LHCBA members demanded calling the emergency session of the general house bar to invite and make arrangements for Mirza’s address. The members said that Mirza is a bold politician and it was essential to express solidarity with him in his struggle to expose terrorists and killers at work in Karachi. The requisition said that the statement made by Mirza before the media disclosed the conspiracy being hatched against the solidarity of the country through terrorism and the real faces at work behind killing of innocent people of Karachi. It said that the LHCBA should invite Mirza to applause his courage and bold stance in the national interest and the bar should also demand setting up a judicial commission for a free and fair inquiry into the evidence brought before the nation by Mirza’s interviews that stunned the nation. It said that this step, if taken by the LHCBA, will encourage patriotic Pakistanis and discourage the enemies of the country.


  1. Zulifqar Mirza and lawyers may repeat the history of Iftikhar Chaudhryvs Pervaiz Musharraf. He can win the hearts of Pakistani people , army, lawyers and judiciary if he speaks the whole truth about ongoing brutality reasons in Karachi. He should highlight the dirty polictics by the MQM,PPP & ANP to court , pakistani nation and law enforcement agencies. Time has now come to expose every crime against humanit. He will succed at the end (inshallah).

    • But so far Zulifqar Mirza is only talking about MQM not PPP and ANP. According to Zulifqar Mirza PPP and ANP are innocent. In 80's Zulifqar Mirza was working in PIA as a doctor and getting about Rs 15000 per month. Zulifqar Mirza should tell how come he became so rich. If Benazir and Zardari can make Zulfi so rich then imagine how much "looth mar" they have done for themselves.

  2. OHh please M khan, Rehman Malik was a stamp officer , similarly what was baber ghauri, he tu still was a landlord, his wife is from qazi family, who own kaviish newspaper., what are you on about ,
    Pia & other government bodies are flooded with jiayalas and leagues in the past whenever each, govt had came in powers… Dont try to deviate , people from the truth,

    Mirza had taken bold step , calling spade a spade, we want Karachi to be clean, just like all metropolis cities of the world, why one party rule in that city, other people also reside apparently if you haven't notice, and its their choice to support MIRZA, enough of MQM atrocities …that impotent , altaf should be trailed.. and Musharaf…for baloch atrocities , Muhajirs have noting to do with MQM, and not all sindis are landlords , get over this old rhetoric ..

    • "Muhajirs have noting to do with MQM"…you or Zulfiqar Mirza or anybody are not the one to decide that. Muhajirs vote for MQM so MQM represents them just like Punjabis vote for MLN (Nawaz Sharief), pashtoons vote for ANP, Sindhis vote for PPP in interior Sindh and Balochs votes for Balochies in Balochistan.

  3. Zulfiqar Mirza is the classical example of parochial mindset. In fact all Pakistan must try to find out the reason which compelled Zulfiqar Mirza to scream in such way when the rangers launched operation in the area of Lyari of Karachi, what is that which the mirza trying to hide behind this screaming. In fact Z.M. is the leader of such minor group in PPP who is hosting a great grudge and unspoken animosity against the Mohajirs of Sind and want every mohajir to be behind the earth. They are jealous of MQM and Mohajirs that how a span of peace and prosperity was enjoyed by all Mohajirs during the regime of Musharraf, how such a progress was achieved in Karachi and Hyderabad, and how the Mohajirs have got strong economical position, it is just intolerable and unforgivable to them. In fact this group wants Mohajirs as their Subordinate/Subservient/Mehkoom as they have made the simple Sindhies of interior Sindh who are compelled to live under worst oppression and are wretched in every mean.

    • Stop moaning will you? Why must some be anti-everything? Mirza has done an excellent job so far so let us see if he is called by the court to testify.

  4. Violent element in any political party incuding mqm, anp, ppp and others should be eliminated. Zulfiqar Mirza says he is not against the Udru speaking people. According to Zulfiqar Mirza his three sisters and his own son married to Urdu speaking families.

  5. I've been following this for sometime. Mirza Zulfiqar seems to be telling the truth as he hasn't self-contradicted. Truth is flawless. His demand to testify 'live' at the court should be accepted by the CJ as a precaution to 'special editing' by certain segments of our media with their own agenda. People should attend his rallies encouraging him to keep the tempo till the end of terror. If evidence suffices, culprits sitting in the comfort of their protectors overseas, should be extradited through interpol. The western media is anti Pakistan, however the increasingly powerful internet media is pro Pakistan. This should go as high up as the UN Security Council, where Pakistan government should demand an enquiry into the international conspiracy which is so apparent. The good spirited should continue their info war internationally. Well done Mirza.

    • Z.M. is the part and tool of feudalism in badin every body knows well about him what the person he is. Every body is laughing in Badin on Z.M. every body knows here that he has got no honour for Quran or even a single word of it. Z.M. is going to launch an intensive anarchy and civil war between different segment of society in Sindh he is just nothing except the extension of Mumtaz Bhutto regime. Sooner or later his real designs will be overt. I do think that it is the responsibility of every Pakistani to extinguish the fire which is going to be spread soon in far and wide of the Province of Sindh if the Z.M. is not prevented, he is not against MQM but in fact he is against Pakistan, matter of MQM can be seen later, we must discourage this guy just now. it is high time to save the country from the catastrophe of his insanity.

  6. molvi_whisky, open your eyes smell tea or coffee. Please don't jump to a conclusion. Zulfiqar Mirza said too much against MQM. However, ironically he supported Zardari Mr. 10%. Let court decide about right or wrong. Zulfiqar Mirza party head Mr. Zufiqar Ali Bhutto was also been excused to break Pakistan in 1970's. Benazir Bhutto also wrote letters to world politician against Pakistan as well.

  7. We are proud of you, Zulfiqar Mirza Sahib, A very respectable person arised from the DUST OF BAD AND CUNNING POLITICS of Pakistan.


    Syed Haider Iqbal, Syed Mudassar Iqbal, Sadaqat manzoor Khan, Qasim Bajwa and residents of Shahdara Lahore.

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