Dangling, uncovered electric wires endangering lives


The uncovered live electric wires dangling from electric poles in residential areas of industrial sectors, pose a serious threat to human life, yet the authorities seem unmoved. In the industrial sectors of I-9 and I-10, the electric wires have not been laid underground while the electricity connections have been provided to the consumers from the overhead electric poles. These dangling and uncovered power wires pose serious threats to the residents especially the kids,” said Bilal Khalid, a resident who has been living in I-10 sector for the last seven years.
He said the residents of the industrial sectors have submitted several applications to the concerned authorities but to no avail. Another resident pointed out that most of lamp-posts do not have their windows at foot properly shut and the wires that hang out, are an accident waiting to happen.
The electricity service providers and the town planners are fully aware of the danger but unfortunately have turned a blind eye to the problem. An official of Capital Development Authority (CDA) on the condition of anonymity informed that residential areas in Industrial Sectors were originally created for the labour class and there was no provision of underground electricity facility for these sectors.
An official of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) pointed out that the company promptly redresses complaints received from the consumers. Traders in I-9 and I-10 Markaz said that they have been there for years and no one has ever bothered to have them covered or removed these wires.
The residents of the area have demanded of the authorities to take effective measures and rectify this problem to save the consumers from any untoward incident.