Sunday Bazaars not set up as holiday spirit prevails


Sunday bazaars were not set up in the city due to Eid holidays and citizens faced great problems in buying vegetables and fruits.
Vendors in various markets of the city charged higher prices from customers and there was no official rate list for the items. Onions were sold for Rs 30 to Rs 35 per kg, whereas they were sold for only Rs 25 per kg a couple of days ago. Ginger was sold for Rs 120 to Rs 140 per kg; garlic was available for Rs 110 to Rs 130 per kg, while tomatoes were sold for Rs 45 Rs 50 per kg. The price of chicken remained at Rs 220 to Rs 240 per kg, while apples were sold for Rs 130 Rs 150 kg. Customers said the city district government had left them at the mercy of profiteers and they had to buy rotten vegetables. “I have bought onions and other vegetables at 40 percent higher rates,” said Afzal Ahmed, a customer, adding that the government should at least have set up Sunday bazaars. “There have been four days of holidays already, the Sunday bazaars should have been set up,” he added.
Some people said they had bought enough stocks before the Eid holidays. “I faced a similar problem last year, therefore, I purchased double the quantity this year,” said another consumer.
Shopkeepers said they had opened their shops during Eid, therefore they must be given credit for it. “I am not overcharging; rather I am providing a service during these special days. And off course there is some extra charge for the service,” said Asghar Ali, a shopkeeper.