Students mourn dengue victim’s death


Students mourned the death of 19-year-old Hamna Adeeb who lost her life to dengue. She was laid to rest on Sunday afternoon. A student of Lahore Grammar School Paragon City, she passed away in the Defence National Hospital on September 2, two days after Eid. A massive crowd mostly comprising young students was seen at the funeral held at 170-K DHA.
The students who attended the funeral were swept with fear. Though all schools were closed because of Eid holidays, the news of Hamna’s death had spread like wildfire over the internet. “She was a brilliant student and an energetic person,” said Sara Ali. She said Hamna was one of the people who kept lively all the time. “Some people are just chirpy; she was one of those girls who used to make their presence felt by her lively personality.”
Aqsa Ikram, a close friend, said, “She was so happy and excited in the last few days, as they were immigrating to Canada”. She said Hamna had vanished a few days before her demise, because she was sick. “But no one had any idea that it was anything so serious,” she added.
Umair Ali, another student, said this was a wake-up call regarding how far the virus had spread, while the government seemed to be doing almost nothing in this regard.
Dengue can be seen taking its toll on the city. Doctors at the hospital said Hamna was brought to them in a critical condition. “The young girl remained in the hospital for about an hour, after which doctors declared her dead because of excessive dehydration and internal bleeding,” said one of the hospital attendants. A doctor said the symptoms of dengue were like usual fever and flu, which was why by the time people realised something had gone awry; it was usually already too late. He added that patients with the slightest symptoms of fever should immediately seek medical attention.


  1. Posting a comment can’t make this poor girl alive. No word has that depth and effect to lessen the pain of her family. Its something more than being sad. Y don’t any politician die of dengue? Curse on all of them!

  2. Hamna's departure was due to sheer negligence of doctors of National Hospital. Her Case was badly mal handled. Due to our medical system her parents can never get any kind of justice. However Hospital will free to make more victims. Next victim can be our love one. There must be some system to probe such cases

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