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Madhuri tou Madhuri, Babli subhanallah?

Police are searching for the wife of the man charged with attacking a police van in Chakra Goth for murdering another woman, Pakistan Today has learnt. Sources said that the law enforcers are searching for Babli, wife of Kamran alias Madhuri, and Uzma alias Farah, daughter of Daulat Khan, in the murder case of Zaitoon, wife of Asghar Ali.
According to First Information Report (FIR) No 423/2011, Babli and Uzma arrived at Zaitoon’s house in Zaman Town police precincts on August 12 and asked for the woman. When Zaitoon came to the door, Babli and Uzma opened fire on Zaitoon, killing her on the spot, the FIR stated.
Sources said that the police are conducting raids for arresting the women. They said that Babli is the wife of Kamran Madhuri who was arrested for attacking a police van in Chakra Goth, which resulted in the deaths of around five police personnel.
Babli also behaves like a gangster in the area and interferes in family matters of the locals, they added.
“She acts like a ‘sardar’ and is recognised as the final decision-maker in these matters,” the sources said.
Babli has also been operating her own gang of women who are involved in criminal activities, the sources added.
They said that she has caused several break-ups between several couples in the area by using the influence she has as a result of being Madhuri’s wife.
It is pertinent to mention here that Kamran Madhuri is in police custody at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital since he was arrested with injuries.

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  1. Paki said:

    hmm, "mian to mian biwi os sey bhi 2 hath aagey" think husbands thinks

  2. Abdul Malik said:

    Yeah hai quaid kay jialay,
    snakes & scorpions gives birth enemies of mankind,
    what you contributed to Mohajir, you made your healthy accounts, foreign tours, killing, murdering, bhatta, severe damage to economics,
    ruined the lightning city of KARACHI, the ghost image of so called super power USA, you are loyal to your foreign masters,
    Yeah hai huqooq ya mouth, Jo quaid ka gaddar hai wo mout ka haqdar hai, Sharm tum ko magar nahein a'atee.

  3. omer bin abdulaziz said:

    ye sarey bollywood ke starts hamarey hissey mey hi kyuN????

  4. Iqbal Khan said:

    Madhuri, Babli aur bunty and many more such stars have been produced by MQM who need to be discovered.

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