Kareena thinks ‘a lot’ about marriage


The year 2011 looks like a packed one for Kareena Kapoor, who will be seen with almost all the Khans, including Salman, SRK, Aamir, Saif and Imran in ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Ra.One’, Reema Kagti’s untitled, ‘Agent Vinod’ and ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’, respectively. She’s also looking at working with sister Karisma. Do you feel lucky sometimes? “Yes I do. And what I feel good about is that I am never called a privileged star kid.
Struggling to get somewhere adds value to the end result. I have been brought up in a different way where I was constantly told that life is not a bed of roses.” You are dating a dapper guy and your career graph is on the rise. What’s the secret? “(Laughs) It’s all about hard work. Destiny plays an important role, but one needs to work on their goals. Regarding the guy (Saif), I don’t have anything more to say. He is the best.” But you pay the cost of being a star at times, especially a celebrity couple. “I have stopped reacting to things.
Initially, I used to get jittery, but gradually I realized that it’s a part of life.” What amazes everyone is that you guys are so open about your relationship. “Yes. Actually, where is the need to hide it? Saif and I share the same wavelength. We think if you are doing the right thing there’s no need to keep it a secret.” Is it true that 2012 will see you two married? “Everyone likes to get married. And like any other girl, I too think a lot about it. I have special plans for the occasion and will do everything to make it memorable. I will not reveal the plan of action right now (laughs). But it will not come as a surprise. We will surely make a formal announcement. Whether it will be in 2012 or not, I can’t say right now.”