People returning to capital after Eid


People have started to return to the capital after celebrating Eidul Fitr elsewhere, however, business activities are still on the wane.
Comparatively lower numbers of people and vehicles were seen on the silent roads and in the markets on Saturday and a majority of shops, small hotels and shopping centres remained closed.
“People are returning and the number of families seen in public places and markets like Jinnah Super are increasing, along with vehicles on the roads, with each passing day after Eid. On Thursday and Friday, a complete silence pervaded the capital,” said a policeman who was on special duty during Eid in Islamabad.
But the number of the residents of Islamabad, a majority of whom had gone to their hometowns for Eid, is still very low, probably because they wish to make the most of the consecutive holidays and business people feel reluctant to return.
“The majority of shop keepers think that their sales will be nearly nil due to the low population in the city and now I think that it was a mistake to attend the shop today,” said a shopkeeper in a super market. “The streets are silent and calm even though it is the fourth day of the Eid”, said Sajjad, a resident in G/8 who remained in Islamabad during Eid. He said the majority of his neighbours have not returned yet.