Malik offered US entire NADRA record: WikiLeaks


Interior Minister Rehman Malik had offered the entire record of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to the United States so that it could easily track anyone who it suspected of being involved in terrorism, WikiLeaks has revealed. Malik came up with the offer as a token of gratitude to the US for aiding Pakistan. He also suggested signing an agreement with Washington to make it look legal and save the Pakistan People’s Party government from any embarrassment. The Interior Ministry, meanwhile, rejected the claim, saying there was no truth to the allegations leveled against the minister.
ISI urged Saudi Arabia not to fund Nawaz: The ISI had asked Saudi Arabia to not fund PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif for his election campaign, a secret cable of 2008 revealed. According to WikiLeaks, National Security Adviser Tariq Aziz told Asif Zardari that after being elected as a prime minister, Shah Mehmood Qureshi could challenge his authority, as Zardari was considering Qureshi as a PPP candidate for prime minister. Aziz told then US ambassador Anne Patterson on February 15 that Saudi Arabia had provided heavy funds to Nawaz for his election campaign in order to defeat the PPP. In the same meeting, he also told Patterson that the ISI requested the Saudi ambassador to stop funding Nawaz. He also told the Saudi ambassador that by doing so, the pact between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would be violated in case Nawaz returned to Pakistan.


  1. I do belive parrents gave him name Rehman means merciful but he is just opposite of and he is Satan Malik. He is the biggest bartereed in Pakistan history.

  2. The person who cllaims Muslim canot recite Surrah Ikhlas how does he claims he is muslim I dont,t believe him. He should suiside and go to hell as soon as possible because satain is waiting for him in hell.

  3. Please do not curse him; rather curse Zardari who is appointing such filthy people to ministrial jobs. Zulfiqar Mirza is right when he says that he will not hire Rehman Malik even as station manager. PPP is a parasite which is going to eat whole Pakistan. PPP leaders will even sell thier mothers for their benefit.

  4. The barber of Sialkot wanted to be the butcher of Waziristan. He is reputed to have more money than Zardari as he siphoned money from food for oil program of iraq.

  5. The security of the people of Pakistan has been bartered off. Who knows what the USA will do with the information it has at its disposal. We have been betrayed by our own government.

  6. "RAYMOND MALK" has a lot of blood on his hands of innocent people. . .all these inept govt personnel should be hacked to death!

  7. The headlines states that Rahman Malik offered the entire data base of NADRA to USA. But was he able to do such a thing. Then in such a case all officials of NADRA are equally guilty of betraying the State and putting the life of every citizen of Pakistan into jeopardy.

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