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Capital witnesses rise in violent crimes

The Islamabad Police seem to be helpless in the wake of recent surge in crime rate. The capital is witnessing a sudden rise in crimes including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom and car-lifting – thanks to poor police performance. The growing incidents of murder and kidnapping for ransom are creating a sense of insecurity among the residents of the capital.
In the current year, various police stations of the city registered 84 murder cases, 134 cases of robbery, 11 cases of dacoity, 480 cases of car-lifting, 104 cases of kidnapping of women and 4 cases of kidnapping for ransom, a police source told Pakistan Today.
He said most of the crimes such as dacoity, robbery took place in the urban neighbourhoods of the city. The police precincts that saw most reported crimes included Margalla, Shalimar, I-9, Kohsar, Aabarar and Sabzi Mandi.
He said the capital city police recovered over 30 unidentified corpses from different parts of the city in the current year. Police suspected that the killers had either dumped the bodies in the city’s suburbs or killed the victims there. At least 10 corpses were found from the limits of Tarnol Police Station, five from Sihala Police Station precincts, three from Shehzad Town Police limits, Two from Ababpara, two from Golra, two from Industrial Area, two from Koral, two from Margalla Police Station and one each from Kohsar and Shalimar police station, the source added.
He said over 480 cars were either snatched or stolen from various areas of the federal capital in the present year.
He said although the capital police had been assuring the public that they would eliminate the criminal gangs of the city but at least 84 murders and 134 robberies simply belied their tall claims.
Some citizens while talking to Pakistan Today said they were afraid of parking their vehicles at any parking lot in the city because they feared they could lose them.

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