Army concerned over Karachi situation, says General Athar


Inter-Services Public Relations Director General Maj Gen Athar Abbas has said that the Pakistan Army was seriously concerned by the grave situation in Karachi and wanted immediate end to violence of all sorts in the city. Talking to a foreign news agency, Athar said law enforcement agencies should launch indiscriminate action against the perpetrators of violence and saboteurs to secure peace in the mega city.
He said the army was seriously concerned over the death of innocent citizens, adding that intelligence agencies were sharing information with the police. To a question about Zulfiqar Mirza’s statement quoting Rehman Malik that the army and ISI would come into action and dismantle the government if he (Malik) tried to net insurgents, Athar said he would not comment on Mirza’s statements and Malik could accept or reject the statement referred to him.


  1. There should be across the board action not only against the terrorists but also against their managers whether in civilian dress or in uniform. No one should be spared irrespective who those people represent. If not then this might take some ugly turn which no one will be able to control. Pakistan is more important than anti-social elements.

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