‘PPP is the only party fighting crisis’


Federal Minister for Communication Dr Arbab Alamgir said on Sunday that it was easy to criticise the government, adding that any other ruling party would have taken an escape from the current crises instead of facing them. Addressing a gathering at his constituency in Peshawar, Alamgir said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had confronted the country’s problems and had tried its best to resolve them, adding that in the wake of floods, terrorist activities, power crisis and certain other problems created by previous regimes, any other party would not have been able to fight the crisis. The federal minister said further that his party was utilising all available resources to address crisis such as the floods in Sindh and violence in Karachi. He said all political parties must be taken on board, adding that certain anti-democratic forces were still intriguing against democracy. He said his party knew that it would have to turn back to masses in the next elections. He said an increase and decrease in political temperature of the country was of usual nature and it was of course an emblem of a live nation in the process of sailing toward maturity.