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JI considers Mirza’s allegations serious, wants action

Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hasan has said the allegations levelled by Zulfiqar Mirza are very serious which should not be ignored.
Talking to reporters at Mansoora after Eid prayers on Wednesday, he said the Supreme Court had already taken notice of the matter and should summon Mirza as a witness.
Hasan said the rulers in Islamabad were the “slaves” of the US and were advancing the American agenda. “Conditions are being created in the country similar to those in East Pakistan prior to the fall of Dhaka,” he said.
Earlier, in his address to the Eid congregation, he reiterated that the war on terror was not Pakistan’s war, but was the war of the US, adding that owning it would only darken Pakistan’s future.
He asked the rulers to announce pulling out of this war forthwith and said the drone attacks would stop with that. He said the people did not know how many citizens were being killed in the drone attacks everyday. He said the chief of the air staff had already stated that the PAF could down drones. “I wonder why the government is not allowing that,” he said.

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