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Word has it that the fiery Dr Zulfiqar Mirza suddenly became the darling of the media with most anchors running after him in the race for ratings. But it is not just the former home minister in the Sindh Government who became a household name after his “bare all” press conference. We hear that his father Justice (retd) Zaffar Hussain Shah was rediscovered by many former colleagues and acquaintances. Verdict: “A very upright judge and shareef aadmi.” Word has it that many actually renewed their acquaintance with dad reminding him of their last meeting and telling him aap yaad aa gaey. His Eid calls and callers also tripled. But as for Mirza, not surprisingly many political colleagues were conspicuously missing from his list of callers this Eid.

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 The DHA, Lahore management’s embarrassment of riches has become a source of actual embarrassment for them. Despite not being pressed for cash, they were pressed for management acuity this Eid. Nowhere in DHA were adequate arrangements for the flock of faithful to offer their Eid prayers.

 Leave alone adequate, arrangements were conspicuous only by their complete absence in the Defence Club. In the Phase II mosque in particular, the faithful tested their faith in the heat under open skies. Piling on the heat and humidity was the maulvi sahib who chose the wrong time to extend his stay on the soapbox.

 In the meanwhile, the management offered prayers behind their cordon sanitaires in airconditioned quarters while the mere mortals stood row by row in the heat. It seems aik saf mein ‘naa’ kharay ho sakay Mahmood o Ayaz…

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  1. I ain't sure what is the theme of S H's article. Is he with ZM or against him.
    Whatever he has said about MQM and its megalomaniac leader are perfectly true.
    If Ais eich is being satirical then I suppose one should not mind.
    If the colleagues of his haven't called him then it should not be surprising because they are tied in shackles of so called party discipline so is their conscience.
    ZM has broken the taboo of calling Altaf a terrorist and blackmailer.

  2. People are seen with Pakistan Tehrik E Insaf more these days. WHY? As PTI is the only political party which speaks against corruption & exposes it to the extent it knows. Similarly Mr Zulfiqar Mirza unveiling corrupt personnel in his party PPP & the destructive plans of MQM becomes hot favourite for majority of Pakistanis. Let's see if this unveiling the facts & important documents brings a decline to the corrupt rule in Pakistan or not.

  3. Finally, MQM own AJmal Pahari and defend by saying "us waqt India ka VISA asani sai lag jata tha" WooW. Mairai rekatives hain par bari mushkil sai lagta hai. Also, deny NATO container case despite proved by FBR and Supreme court.

    MQM denies the letter writen to Tony Blair by Altaf Hussain by giving justification that address mentioned on letter is not of MQM sectt.

    LIED by MQM, may be it changed now but it was.

    Visit MQM offcial website: http://www.mqm.org/English-News/Dec-2000/news0012

    Karachi-8 December 2000
    The Co-ordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) considered in detail the questions and apprehensions of its workers and people in regards to its continuation in the A R D in its emergency meeting held at the Party’s Central Office, commonly known as “Nine Zero”.
    The MQM has always taken decisions in agreement with the views of its workers and electorates in accordance with the democratic norms having regards of the importance of the views of the people.
    The Co-ordination Committee has therefore, sought the views of its workers and the people whether to remain a part of the Alliance for the Restoration of Democracy (ARD). It would take a decision having received the views of the workers and people soon on its future strategy.
    The Co-ordination Committee has appealed to the workers and people to forward their views immediately to the Central Office of the MQM situated at 494/8, Azizabad, Karachi either in writing or through phone or fax on the following numbers: Phone No: 631 3690, 632 9900, Fax. No: 632 9955.
    The workers and the public could also send their views to the MQM International Secretariat, London on the following address.
    MQM International Secretariat
    70 Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5ES, United Kingdom.
    Phone No: 00 44 20 8358 9000, Fax. No: 00 44 20 8905 9527
    Email: [email protected]

  4. ذولفقار مرزا تیرا اپنا شہر بدین سیلاب میں ڈوبا ہوا ہے لوگ بھوک اور بیماری سے مر رہے ہیں ان کی مدد کر جاہل فالتو باتیں کر کے اپنی ذمےداری سے مت بھاگ ان ہی پیسوں سے سیلاب زدگان کی مدد کر دے جو تو بھتہ لے رہا ہے کراچی کی عوام سے

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