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Eating red meat may be good for you

Previous studies have linked red meat to an increased risk of having a heart attack or cancer, but a new report has demolished the “myths and misconceptions” surrounding the Sunday roast. The report says that most people eat healthy amounts, which are not linked to greater risk of disease.
Modern farming methods have cut fat levels, which can be even lower than chicken, while red meat provides high levels of vital nutrients, including iron.
A review by the British Nutrition Foundation says that a vegetarian having a Cheddar cheese salad will eat seven times more fat, pound for pound, than lean red meat contains.
However, the World Cancer Research Fund, which advises people to curb red meat consumption and cut out processed meat, disputed the findings. The 77-page review, which looks at current evidence on health and red meat, found no evidence of “negative health effects.”
It shows on average men in the UK eat 96g of red meat and processed meat a day and women 57g.
Those eating more than 140g of meat a day are advised by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition to cut down, as these levels are linked to disease.

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