Algeria must hand over pro-Gaddafi suspects: ex-minister


Algeria must hand over to the new Libya authorities anyone close to ousted ruler Moamer Gaddafi whose involvement in crimes is proven, Libyan former foreign minister and defector Abdel Rahman Shalgam said Friday. “Personally, I understand Algeria’s decision” to take in some members of Gaddafi’s family, which has been criticised by Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC), Shalgam told the daily Echorouk.
“But if any of those people are staying in Algeria when they have committed crimes or are guilty of embezzlement, Algeria should turn them over” to the NTC, Shalgam said. “That’s the best way to end the fuss surrounding this affair,” he added. Algeria on Tuesday gave refuge to three of Gaddafi’s children — Aisha, who gave birth to a baby girl that same day, Mohammed and Hannibal — as well as Safiya, the second wife of the toppled leader.
The NTC, which is the political arm of the Libyan rebels, on Tuesday said that Algeria’s action was “very imprudent” and against the interests of the Libyan people. The Algiers government declared that it had taken in Gaddafi’s family members for “strictly humanitarian reasons”.