Unilateral operation


What was feared has happened in Karachi. The so-called “surgical operation” has been limited to mostly Sindhi localities of Karachi that cannot be treated as “impartial”. There are wide protest demonstrations in various parts of Sindh against such unilateral operation.

The people of Lyari were right to resist such an operation in view of their past experience as operation was carried out under the orders of federal Interior Minister Rahman Malik whereas Sindh Chief Minister on record having said: “He was not informed about launching of such an operation in Lyari”. Strangely, after the said operation, parts of Layri were attacked by armed people from adjoining areas by supporters of an ethnic group. In view of past experience, the people of Lyari this time were right to resist such an operation.

Nonetheless, they have offered to carry out such an operation in their areas after completing operation in other parts of the city. Our Urdu TV anchors must try to understand this who generally are busy to add fuel to the fire by passing unnecessary and irresponsible comments without going in too deep.

I condemn the statement of Rahman Malik who wrongly denied having carried out prevailing operation unilaterally despite in the past he did the same thing in Lyari. He promised to go to Chakra Village that was recently attacked by terrorists but he did not turn up despite people waited for him for hours having fasts.

I appeal to the President Zardari and Prime Minister to intervene and personally ensure that the operation is carried equally in all areas without discrimination and should not limit to Sindhi speaking areas.