Sabazwari rejects allegations leveled against Altaf, MQM


MQM leader Faisal Sabazwari has rejected all allegations leveled by PPP leader Zulfiqar Mirza against MQM chief Altaf Hussain. Talking to media in a press conference on Tuesday, he said that the allegations by Zulfiqar Mirza reflected an ill mentality. He said further that the charges regarding Ataf Hussain’s involvement in separating Pakistan were also bogus.


  1. There is no other option available unless they accept and leave politics and other bad things like…………

  2. A simple denial is not enough. Karachi is an old city. Till MQM appeared on scene in mid 1980s, Karachi had never seen anything like this. But since then, it has only experienced brief spells of apparent peace. Karachiites are living a life of fear. Extortion is normal. After all why Altaf Hussain cannot return to Pakistan and explain his position? Is it due to extreme fascist behaviour which he let loose that he is afraid of people whose family members he brutally eliminated?

    The methodology of MQM is to blackmail every government, become part of it and make life hell for the people of Karachi.

  3. The credit of giving birth to MQM is late General Ziaul Haq or as they say his political
    offspring. Amazing that Zardari is wooing the very man and party that was created to
    end the Bhutto dynasty and PPP. Very few would remember the December 1982 meeting between the General and Altaf Hussain in NY City. An economic and socially bustling city gone physically and morally bankrupt by a man who if had come across Hammarsjkold would have described, '' In the Devil's pack , the card of malediction and
    death lie next to the card of success.It is only the card of love of love which are missing- does he himself understand that this is the reason why he decides the fate of so many? For one, he is a God-surrogate. For another, a tyrant who must be fought.

  4. I am a true pakistani & lives in rajgarh lahore. i want to say that i am watching drama of zulfiqar mirza on media . Can anyone ask him that why he issued 0.3 million lisences of weapons to terrorists ? these weapons are now being used to kill innocent people in karachi . i think mirza should be hanged on this admiyyed statement . he is a monster , killer & traitor

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