Lollywood all set to beat Bollywood this Eid


So, Eid is here and so are four of Pakistan’s multi-starrer movies that the masses have several expectations from. Reema Khan’s ‘Love Mein Ghum’, Syed Faisal Bukhari’s ‘Bhai Log’, Syed Noor’s ‘Jugni’ and Pervez Rana’s ‘Shah Murad’ are to fulfill the promise of being released this Eid. The big question now is, will this stock of movie releases aid in reviving the Pakistani cinema?
‘Love Mein Ghum’ is a film produced and directed by Reema. What makes it different from other Lollywood movies is that it is an out-and-out Bollywood copy. With women and Begum Nawazish clad in sarees dancing around and hugging trees, ‘Love Mein Ghum’ is a complete masala/entertainment movie. If nothing else, the title song, with stars and Lux models borrowing dance moves from the title soundtrack of Bollywood movie ‘Om Shanti Om’, may help Reema solicit the goodwill of Bollywood fans and multiplexes that seem to be living off Bollywood movies these days. Nonetheless, Reema looks strikingly vibrant and is being lauded by the masses for taking the Bollywood formula to the next level and for furthering the initiative she took with ‘Koi Tujh Sa Kahan’.
‘Bhai Log’ too is a star-studded Bollywood-inspired movie called. So, the first thing that comes to mind is: did Faisal Bukhari borrowe the name from the mafia-scene in Mumbai? We would appreciate if the parallel between the Mumbai mafia scene and the Karachi goon-parade is justified. The thematic elements may be controversial but what is more interesting is Saima’s portrayal in the movie as an empowered female principle, exercising Taekwondo with men receiving flying kicks from her. Looks like Shoaib Mansoor’s experiments with female principles in ‘Khuda Ke Liye’ and ‘Bol’ have successfully liberated Saima from her docile and subservient dancing Jutti image and breathed life into the actress in her.
Then there is Syed Noor’s ‘Jugni’. With Shaan, Muammar Rana, Saima and Arif Lohar, the movie is expected to be a run-of-the-mill village story but with folk tradition not only making up the title but also adorning the music. Arif Lohar’s Coke Studio achievement ‘Alif Allah’ is to be featured in the movie but Meesha’s voice has been replaced with Noora Laal’s, who happens to have a beautiful, rustic voice as well.
And last but not the least, there is Pervaiz Rana’s ‘Shah Murad’. Starring Parvaiz Rana’s son Haider Rana, the Punjabi movie is expected to revive the Punjabi cinema and bring Rahi Saab to life. The Juttis seem to have lost weight but the story may still revolve around caste conflicts, a pressing social concern of the masses. With Reema and Faisal Bukhari imitating Bollywood filmmakers, ‘Jugni’ and ‘Shah Murad’ adhere to the Punjabi film tradition while improving the filmmaking and visual quality. This Eid may seem star-studded but the big question is whether these movies will earn as many shows in the posh multiplexes as ‘Bol’ did and whether the filmmakers will take home the artistic acclaim that Shoaib Mansoor did and whether Lollywood will trump Bollywood.


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