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If it’s Eid, it’s shopping time

With one day left, Eid shopping has picked up pace. The middle of the month saw some upheaval and political instability, especially with regard to Karachi targeted killings and the flood situation, but now, people have started frequenting markets to shop for Eid.
Markets, especially Defence Z Block, Panorama Centre and Ichchra were seen flooded with people especially women, coming to buy clothes, shoes and other accessories. Families were also seen going out and window shopping only to lighten up after a rough day. “It is a bit boring to stay home once Iftar is done,” said Abdul Majid, 43. “My kids start pestering me to take them out and I get tempted myself. Although traffic is a mess at night, window shopping is fun,” he added.
“We are not really celebrating Eid this year again because of so many people who have been killed in Karachi and the devastation because of floods,” said Bushra Butt. “But after all Eid is Eid and one cannot just sit at home doing nothing.” Buildings and trees in the city have been decorated with lights in Eid festivity. Bright and flickering, it is a beauty to see as one passes by them.
Although, lines of cars are seen stuck in traffic jams, for once, people are not angry or offended. Instead they seem to be energised and eager to reach their destinations. Markets are so full of people on the last day that it becomes difficult to move from one shop to the other. In Liberty Market, people keep filtering in and out, elbowing each other, trying to reach the best deal first. Stalls cover the pavements where young boys and old women sell hair clips, artificial jewellery, and other bright and colourful items. Meanwhile shopkeepers also attract the attention of customers.
“We haven’t made as much sales during the whole month as we are making in the past one week,” said Arshad Bhatti, a shoe salesman. “People from all over the city come to Liberty to buy things as it remains one of the most popular markets in Lahore,” he added.
Similarly in Ichchra and Panorama, a lot of people were seen shopping. While Panorama was invaded mostly by men for their clothes, Ichchra was the shopping hub for women. Apart from bazaars, supermarkets were also filled with people and Hyperstar, Metro, Makro and other comparatively smaller places were seen crowded with customers awaiting their turns at counters. “We have to do this last-minute shopping for eatables and other things needed for Eid,” said Musarrat, a housewife.

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