Chariya’s insane killing spree comes to a sane end


Pakistan Rangers-Sindh personnel arrested a “most-wanted target killer” during a search operation in Shah Faisal Colony on Monday, whereas Maj Gen Ijaz Chaudhry was reinstated as the Rangers Sindh Director General (DG).
According to sources, after receiving an intelligence report of the law enforcement agencies, a heavy contingent of Rangers personnel launched a surgical operation in Shah Faisal Colony.
They claimed they have arrested a most-wanted target killer involved in murdering a large number of citizens, namely Sanaullah alias Chariya, and recovered weapons from his possession. The arrested “killer” is affiliated with a political party and he has admitted his involvement in a number of killings.
The law enforcement agencies have been carrying out search operations in the troubled areas of the metropolitan.
The law enforcers would continue indiscriminate action against criminal elements in the metropolis as per the orders of the higher authorities.
It is pertinent to mention here that the Rangers Sindh DG had been removed from his post on the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan after video footage of Rangers personnel involved in the extrajudicial killing of Sarfaraz Shah was released.
The video of the incident was aired by a private Sindhi news channel and it later spread like wildfire across all the other channels.
The apex court had ordered immediate transfer of the DG and his services were then at the disposal of the federal government.
However, after all the Rangers personnel involved in killing Shah were convicted by a court, the federal government has now reinstated the DG.


  1. People here in Karachi are only interested to know the affiliations (if with any political/religious party) and not with names. It seems as if media is afraid to name the affiliations of these criminals.

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