The doctor who dared


No words barred

Zulfiqar Mirza, the proverbial bull in a china shop, is no ordinary person. He is the long time confidant of President Zardari and has been senior vice president of the provincial PPP, home minister and, till Sunday, senior minister of Sindh. The concrete and highly serious and outrageous allegations he has levelled cannot be simply brushed aside as an outburst of an angry and frustrated man. He said that Altaf Hussain had told him that he was working with the US for the dismemberment of Pakistan. He has also said that Altaf had written to Tony Blair to seek the disbanding of the ISI. He has claimed the MQM had got twenty five killers released on parole since Musharraf. He also said that he had evidence that the organisation was behind the killing of journalist Wali Khan Babar. He accused Interior Minister Rehman Malik of protecting and aiding the release of alleged MQM terrorists. He has charged him of shifting the alleged MQM terrorists involved in the Chakra Goth killings and shooting police personnel to Islamabad to finally get them released. Mirza claims he can substantiate the charges with solid evidence including intelligence reports and recordings of killers’ confessions.

The MQM has to reply to the concrete and highly serious allegations he has leveled against Altaf and the ethnic outfit itself. Mirza’s press conference is equally damaging for the PPP. He has called the interior minister a habitual liar and a man who has nothing at stake in the country. He has also said he had apprised the party leadership of the facts concerning Altaf Hussain, MQM and Rehman Malik. The PPP cannot simply disown the allegations by saying these were made after Mirza had resigned from his party and government posts. Even though his basic party membership has now been revoked, his grave allegations cannot be simply dismissed. If Rehman Malik is really “the biggest enemy of Pakistan”, as maintained by Mirza, those who appointed and patronised him and proposed his name for the highest civil award have to share the blame.

Mirza has tried to drag the military into the equation by claiming that he has brought the charges to the notice of the ISI and army. He has also said he has all the evidence needed to prove the serious charges if called by the SC. It is for the apex court now to decide if there is a need to listen to him.


  1. finally someone had the guts to tie the bell around the neck of the cat. it is about time that the other rats in high places wake up from deep slumber and realize the imminent danger facing this country. What ZM said is already known to every patriot in Pakistan and elsewhere and the multi ethnic business community in Karachi yet they didn't have the guts to speak up…I salute Mirza for his guts that he kicked the bucket of silence by sacrificing his career and putting his life online for Pakistan. Who says Sindh doesn't care for Pakistan. He is true son of soil. while mqm looks for saviours across other frontiers and ask India can they accommodate this many urdu speaking people if they cross the border, sons of soil know we have to live and die for Pakistan and we have no exit strategy like Malike and MQM.

  2. Dr Zulfikar Mirza is a brave man who has come out openly to point finger to a person who is dreaded and no one until now except Imran Khan had courage to talk against mafiosi Altaf Hussain.

  3. If Dr, Zulfikar Mirza,s outspoken outburst is genuine and not another master stroke of the verstile boss of the PPP,it shows great courage and patriotism on his part. Whatever the motives,he seems to be telling the truth.No Muslim would lie under owth of Holy Quran.The Supreme court is already hearing the case in Karachi.All the documentry evidence which Dr, sahib and the Government agecies posses should be summoned by the Apex court to determine the authanticity of the Serious allegations.The issu can not be taken lightly as it entails the very security and survivale of the country.

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