Katrina Kaif reveals winning formula


Looks like Katrina Kaif has already learnt a lot from her experiences and has found a winning formula to find in peace. She believes that the best way to go about is by not getting overly emotional . And that is one of the reasons she doesn’t believe in taking pictures and documenting anything in life. “I don’t click pictures. People carry camera with them while travelling, take pictures, keep them as memories, but I don’t. I don’t even have a camera. I don’t believe there is any point in holding on to too many things in life. In any case, I always have those memories etched in my head and heart and living with those thoughts everyday,” she smiles. And Kat states a reason to stay detached. “With every film we form a small little world for a period of time. Everybody is close and then one fine day everything is over. That can throw you off. So you have to learn to take things in your stride and not get too emotional about people or situations.”