Iqbal Haider endorses Mirza


Former federal law minister and prominent human rights activist Iqbal Haider endorsed Zulfiqar Mirza’s statements about the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) that he made at Karachi Press Club on Sunday, and said that Mirza had confirmed his point of view that he had been expounding for a long time.
The senior lawyer, human activist and former senior leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) told Pakistan Today that it was high time for all patriotic Pakistanis, politicians and media to expose the mysterious aims and designs against the integrity and interests of the country and its people without any fear of terrorists or political victimisation.
“We have suffered already from, and we should get rid of, the politics of dead bodies,” said Haider. “Dr Zulifqar Mirza has confirmed my point of view, which I have been expressing since long,” he added.
“The MQM from day one is an ethnic organisation and created by military dictator General Zia in his era. It is clearly a separatist organisation and wants to break up Pakistan,” he said. “Altaf Hussain said in 1996 at the birthday of GM Syed at Sindh University Jamshoro… that he would fulfill the programme of GM Syed of breaking up Pakistan and creating Sindhudesh,” he added.
“In 1986 at Nishtar Park, Altaf Hussain, in a public gathering under the shadow of sophisticated weapons, gave a message to the people to sell their assets. In 1993, when the operation cleanup had started in 1992, the slogan of the MQM was ‘Sindh mai hoga kaisay guzara, adha tumhara adha hamara’ (how will we survive in Sindh, half is yours and half is ours) and at that same time there was also the ‘rule’ that anyone who betrays Altaf Hussain needs nothing less than the punishment of death. Under the same slogan, several people including Azeem Tariq were assassinated and the last target was Imran Farooq, the founding general secretary of the MQM. Several ministers and hardcore activists went underground for fear of getting killed,” said Haider.
He said there was no example in the world that any leader whose party was in the federal government, provincial government and city government lived outside the country and claimed he would be killed if returned.
Haider also said the MQM should clarify why the US issues hundreds of visas to its activists.


  1. I totally agree with Iqbal Haider. He is right in his assessment of MQM. MQM was created by despicable Zia. One could not expect anything better. After all he was son of a petty maulavi. Probe any maulavi or pir and inside him you will only find filth. Allama Iqbal very rightly said : DIN-I-MULLAH FASAAD FI SABILILLAH.

  2. Mr. Iqbal Haider is a noble man, but he has been living out of Karachi or Sindh for many years. MQM was formed in era of Gen. (R) Zia but it has transformed itself in a genuine political party.
    We should see how things can become better for Pakistan and world at large.

  3. Iqbal Haider is a veteran and seasoned politician. He has analysed Dr Mirza'z statement very well. Every law abiding citizen of the unfortunate city would agree with Mirza what he said about Don Altaf. Hopefully his era of thuggery will end soon. By the way where is Altaf Hussain. His Rabita Committee is working overtime to throw dust into the eyes of the public that he has been taken ill for last seven days. After all what happened suddenly that he had to be taken as an emergency case to one of the London's Hospital and how does rabita committee knows that he will be discharged from the hospital in next few days. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING MORE THAN THAT. He has not made any speech on the phone as yet????

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