How about a rainy Eid, folks?


Citizens, fearing rain on Eid and prayer timings, have demanded proper arrangements for Eid prayers, including shelters and tents at Eid Gahs, Pakistan Today has learnt.
The Met Office informed that widespread rain with thundershowers and isolated heavy falls was expected from today (Tuesday) to Saturday in different parts of the country, including Lahore, therefore, organisers were also taking measures to cope with the situation. Huge Eid congregations will take place at Badshahi Mosque, Model Town Central Park, Jamia Ashrafia, Punjab University (PU) Jamia Mosque, Bagh-e-Jinnah and various other grounds and mosques of the city. Organisers of Eid congregation at the Bagh-e-Jinnah told Pakistan Today that he was trying to shelter the place by erecting tents.
He said that due to Eid holidays caterers were not available but hoped that the administration would complete proper arrangements to facilitate the people. PU Jamia Mosque prayer leader Hafiz Maaz told Pakistan Today that the administration had made arrangements for normal rain. He hoped that people would be adjusted indoors if rain starts. Citizens said that offering prayers at Eid Gahs has its own importance and according to Sunnah. Citizen Tahir hoped that pleasant weather would prevail on Eid in Lahore so he and his family could celebrate the festival with a lot of zeal. He said that offering Eid prayers had always been a best moment.
On the other hand, dengue in Lahore has also concerned citizens due to which they have asked the government to fumigate Eid congregations. Huge open air areas, especially parks, are a hub of mosquitoes and there is a great chance of people being infected by the disease while saying prayers. Model Town Society Vice-President Dr Tanveer told Pakistan Today that the society had a back-up plan and if rain starts, people will be informed to offer Eid prayers in nearby mosques. He said that fumigation was already in process in Model Town to cope with dengue mosquitoes, especially during Eid prayers.
Another citizen Nauman said that he would like to see dry weather on Eid so that he could move around the city with his children easily. He said that offering Eid prayers and travelling becomes difficult due to wet weather. Lahore Health EDO Dr Umer told Pakistan Today that a decision to fumigate Eid congregations would be taken today (Tuesday).