Chicken to head for Eid holidays as well?


Poultry farms have reduced chicken supplies and holding stocks to sell it after Eid and earn more profits, stakeholders associated with the business told Pakistan Today on Saturday.
They said that chicken suppliers were not supplying chicken according to demand and giving at least 50 percent less supply. The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has fixed the price of chicken in the open market at Rs 214 per kilogrammes and Rs 200 per kilogrammes in Ramadan and Sunday bazaars. Therefore, suppliers adopted the tactic of holding maximum supply of chicken and selling it after Eid, when prices would go up and they would earn heavy profits, chicken retailer Muhammad Kamran of Township said adding that he used to purchase at least 300 kilogrammes on a daily basis but now the supplier was saying not to give more than 150 kilogrammes.
The price of chicken was more than Rs 230 per kilogrammes at start of August but the CDGL fixed the price at Rs 200 to Rs 214 per kilogrammes. It caused a shortage of supply in Ramadan and Sunday bazaars and sellers preferred not selling chicken while in the open market; consumers have to face fewer supplies. Now chicken suppliers were holding stocks so that they could sell it for Rs 230 to 240 per kilogrammes after Eid and earn maximum profits.
Chicken seller Abid Ali of Samanabad said that chicken sellers were facing problems of supply from farmers, who were not interested in fulfilling our demand for chicken. “My customers are angry with me for not giving them chicken while it has also decreased our profit,” he said adding that the government should have asked farmers to give supplies as well. He said that the government should ask foreign investors to come forward and invest in the sector, which has huge potential and gigantic profits. “In this way the government could also bridge the high demand,” he added.
Consumers said that poultry farmers were earning millions of rupees in profits and the government has failed to provide chicken at lower prices.
They said that when the present government assumed office, the price of chicken was Rs 70 to 80 per kilogrammes but now it has crossed Rs 230. “In which business, prices have been increased 400 percent but even then the government has closed eyes and not asking the farmers reason of such high rates,” consumer Jameel Ahmed said adding that the government should ask foreign investors to come in the country.
Chicken farmers said that prices of chicken remained a controversial issue, as the growers say they could not afford selling chicken at present rates. They said that the cost of production has increased sharply, therefore, it was not possible for them to sell chicken at this rate. “The prices of chicks, electricity, feed, labour and other inputs have increased, therefore, it is not possible to sell chicken at Rs 200 per kilogrammes” a chicken grower said.


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