White Lies


News is out that an all-powerful energy tycoon has had the rug slipped out from under his feet. The businessman, who was more than well connected with the Musharraf regime, has had his gargantuan gas contract cancelled by the incumbent government’s energy czar.

Now ordinarily, the generals couldn’t care less what happens to some businessman, but it appears some retired generals (some of them rather prominent) had some related gas quotas of their own that stand cancelled as well.

Well, you know what they say about a change in regimes: it’s a gas!

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They say managing the Lahore Gymkhana Club is like managing a mini Pakistan. The “Gentlemen’s Club” is plagued with problems the latest being the one that befell its elegant, high toned guest house with its even more high profile curly roof.

Apparently, this facility is attracting guests that hire a room by the hour and in one case a parliamentarian who is not a member managed to do so courtesy a member who was out to oblige him. A battered “lady” was later seen fleeing into the guest house garden crying for help and the rest is history. The “gentlemen” members are up in arm and since they are in a minority and are also senior citizens there is little expectation that a house cleaning will follow. However one lives in hope.

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We hear that the Governor Punjab has discovered a friend in Waris Beg – a singer who claims to be an Urdu pop idol but never really made it to the top rung. The crooner was once a slogan belching worker for the Sharifs and loves to drop names as much as he loves to sing. He hasn’t found favour with all the residents of the governor house who insist that he has to go but a more powerful voice in the house insists he stays.

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  1. Some Gentlemen Club this is, where a Jiyala Chairman has reduced the guest rooms to a brothel house, and rooms available by the hour. If this had occurred in a private lower middle class hotel, all hell would have broken loose. No action will be taken against the parliamentarian, neither by the police, nor by his political party, for such is state of morality in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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