We will make another film on Sonam’s tantrums: Shahid


While Shahid Kapoor has been linked to almost all his co-stars, all was quiet when he was shooting for his dad’s Mausam. There were absolutely no stories of affairs or link ups with his
co-star Sonam, who recently claimed on a televison show that she and Shahid share a love-hate relationship. And heaving a sigh of relief, Shahid, says, that they achieved something next to impossible, “Which was made possible. Somehow we managed it,” he laughs.
But the two bonded famously. Shahid appreciated the fashionista’s dress sense and apparently Sonam has lent her fashion designer Kunal Rawal to Shahid to design clothes for him, too. “Sonam is very sweet and talkative. Obviously we got friendly. Two people spending one-and-a-half year together..it is so difficult to not get friendly, na. She has done the most important film for me,” says Shahid.
And Shahid denied rumours of Sonam reporting late on the sets, or throwing tantrums, or his director dad approaching Sonam’s dad, actor Anil Kapoor to interfere to settle matters. Shahid says, sounding cheeky, “We will make another film on Sonam’s tantrums, it will make for an entertaining script. Unfortunately it is all fiction and not real. There were no issues at all,” he clarifies.