Traders fined for overcharging customers


In a crackdown against overcharging on Thursday, price magistrates found 164 traders guilty of fleecing customers and arrested six shopkeepers while others were issued fine tickets.
In the last two days, price magistrates, on directions of Lahore DCO Ahad Cheema, checked 725 stockists, shopkeepers and wholesale dealers and found 164 of them not complying with rules of the CDGL and overcharging customers. The traders were fined up to Rs 0.17 million. The DCO ordered magistrates to continue checking without any discrimination and in a more effective manner.
He said profiteers could not be allowed to loot the public. Cheema directed magistrates to ensure wholesale rates at big stores and small shops.
The DCO said the Punjab government had subsidised sugar and flour in the public interest and delivering this benefit to the middle class was duty of the CDGL, which it would do with full commitment.