Price of high speed diesel, HOBC goes up


The government on Thursday announced an increase of Rs 0.54 per litre in the price of high speed diesel and Rs 2.13 per litre in the price of High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) with effect from August 26.
The prices of petrol, light diesel oil and kerosene oil have been retained at the current level. Addressing a news conference, OGRA Finance Executive Director Syed Jawad Nasim said the price of petrol had been retained at Rs 84.80 per litre, LDO at Rs 83.52, kerosene oil at 86.62 per, while the new price of HOBC would be Rs 109.93 per liter and HSD Rs 92.60 per litre.
The price of E-10 gasoline has been retained at Rs 82.30 per litre. The petroleum levy on petrol has been increased by Rs 1.08 to Rs 6.54 per litre and that on kerosene oil was enhanced by Rs 1.59 to Rs 3.83 per litre. However, the levy charges have been retained at Rs 6.13 per litre for HOBC, Rs 2.33 per litre for LDO and Rs 2.52 for HSD.