Jahangir flays PSF for squash slump


Squash legend Jahangir Khan lashed out at the sport’s authorities in Pakistan on Thursday calling on them to quit after the team slid to their worst-ever performance in the World Squash Championships. The six-time champions lost to Malaysia and Denmark in the group stages of the event in Padeborn, Germany, marking the first time they have failed to clear the first round since its inception in 1967.
“It’s shameful to see Pakistan failing to clear the first round,” Khan told AFP. “I think all those who are running the game in the country are not competent of that and professionals should come and build a proper set-up.” “After failing to get into the top 16 this time we will finish at our worst but I don’t see any drastic measures taken,” said Khan, also a former World Squash Federation president. Khan said Pakistan’s squash federation the players deserved equal blame. “I must say that all those who are running the game in Pakistan must leave their posts because they lack sincerity and planning,” he said.


  1. Well I love how Jahangir Khan is the first one to criticize Pakistan squash federation but how about this, what did he do to help the National squash team? He never gets on court with anyone, He never stepped up to become a national coach? He never spent any money out of his pocket to sponsor any Pakistani squash player.

    I love how all the past legends are always the first one to blame and criticize someone but never the first one to step up and something for Pakistan squash, they have enough money to build and run their own National training center for squash.

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