Weinstein recovered from Khushab: sources


US national Warren Weinstein has been recovered from Khushab region on Thursday, a private TV channel quoted sources as saying.
The 70-year-old U.S. citizen was snatched from his home August 13 by eight gunmen after they overpowered security guards.
The US citizen was recovered at Sahri time in a joint operation between FBI and Pakistani intelligence agencies.
Moreover, sources said that the police had used a mobile tracking system to recover the American and six kidnappers had also been taken into custody and weapons have been recovered from them.
The TV channel quoting sources said that Weinstein was looking weak and had some wound marks on his body.
Sources added that the kidnappers belonged to some banned religious organizations and had intended to take Warren to Afghanistan. However, the name of the organization has not been revealed.
Last week, authorities released a sketch of a suspect in the case. They have been questioning Weinstein’s three security guards and driver, but it is not clear whether they were connected to the arrests.
Weinstein served as director in Pakistan of a US-based development consulting company, J.E. Austin Associates. The president of the company has issued an appeal for his release, saying friends and family are concerned about Weinstein’s health.


  1. I can't wait for Rana (Kaana) Sanaullah's views on the recovery. More vitriol from the government of the Punjab for sure.

  2. Where on earth did Pak Today get this information? Highly irresponsible media of a completely hopeless country!

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