Rangers get extraordinary powers in Karachi


Government has extended its previous orders to give extraordinary authority to the rangers for three months.
The Provincial Home Department has issued the notification in this regard under which rangers could utilise the power to eradicate terrorism as well as close the no go areas in Karachi.
Rangers have been given authority to search any premises without any warrants. In addition to this, they can open fire at miscreants in their defence. Further more, they can also besiege any area in case of the presence of culprits there. The officers of the rangers would also use the powers of police.


  1. There is one hidden clause in these orders that the Rangers have not been told. The goons will be informed by their mentors when and where to strike and where to hide!

  2. What is the difference between Rangers and Military? JUST THE UNIFORM. If there were a brilliant leader in Pakistan he will get one division of army, give them ranger's uniforms and see the peace restored in Karachi in no time. Nobody will be able to say that army was deployed. That is what army does in FATA. All militia forces are in fact military people.

    • @ Walayat Malik only the Officers commanding the various wings of the Frontier Corp are from the Army, The IGFC is selected and posted by the MS with approval
      of the COAS. All other officers seek posting to FC and if approved report to either Peshawar or Quetta to be place where they are required. The rest of the soldiers are selected from the local tribes and that also on volunteer basis non is forced into
      wearing the uniform. So kindly investigate the reality before making such absurd statement.

      • It looks absurd to you but all I am saying is use army soldiers with any kind of outfit that rangers are wearing and make use of them to restore peace in the society. What else army has done for Pakistan. Did they win any war? Please just write plain arguments instead of using derogatory words!!

  3. Let us all pray that Rangers succeed. The media must now stop scrutinising all acts of rangers taken to quell violence, because those killed or arrested will raise the bogey of human rights. Remember these target killers have massacred over 6,000 innocent citizens and majority of those killed before 2008 were butchered by the MQM goons. Now the PPP, ANP and others have also raised their gangs. This violence must be eliminated, quickly and swiftly. All those killers should be hanged irrespective of their political affiliations.

  4. Walayat Malik, If Sheikh Saadi had read these comments he would written this note;
    '' He who has self-conceit in his head. Do not imagine that he will ever hear the truth.

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