Najam Sethi joins US think thank


The New America Foundation has announced Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin as two new senior fellows to the think tank’s National Security Studies programme, reports The Washington Post.
Prior to joining the New America Foundation, Sethi and Mohsin co-founded The Friday Times, Pakistan’s first independent weekly newspaper as well as Aaj Kal, a liberal Urdu daily paper. The New America Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy institute that invests in new thinkers and new ideas to address the next generation of challenges facing the US.


  1. From day first this couple is toeing the us policy in Pakistan and considered to be the agents of America in the country. Najam Sethi's background known to every sensible person in Pakistan that how he was sponsoring the baluch rebels in the past.
    many congratualation to this couples for accepting this fellowship so that people may know more about them.
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    • Then why they are in pakistan. They should leave this country and go to US to think with thier grand parents present in USA.

  2. Dont Worry , Such peoples can only think bad but cant do any thing against pakistan.
    ALLAH is with us.Such peoples born in pakistan ,past theri childhood in pakistan,and think against pakistan.

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