Eid shopping gains momentum in Sialkot


Eid shopping has started gaining momentum in Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur and Sialkot as the number of buyers and stalls is increasing with every passing day in these cities while rush of customers, including men, women and children, is being witnessed in all the main markets after Taraveeh prayers.
The business activities which had been slow for the last many days have started increasing. Special stalls of henna, ornaments, bangles, readymade garments and other items that add colour to Eid festivities have been set at all the main bazaars and markets of these cities. Bangle and henna stalls were seen packed with women and girls waiting in queues for their turn.
As tailors have stopped booking for Eid clothes, shops of readymade garments are attracting customers. Men, women and children can easily be found purchasing readymade garments for Eid at various markets and bazaars. According to a survey, there are over 100 main bazaars in the district, but a few of them are considered good places for Eid shopping. They include Lahai Bazaar, Budhi Bazaar, Bano Bazaar, Sambrial Bazaar, Main Bazaar Daska, Subedar Bazaar Daska and Pasrur Bazaar.
Various stalls have been set up in major shopping centres and roadside bazaars. Shoe shops, gift houses and stalls of colourful bangles are attracting customers. The number of buyers increases after and before Iftar.
Although new technologies have replaced the traditional things like Eid cards as people now prefer to wish Eid through Internet or SMS, several stalls of Eid cards were also found at some markets.
Special security measures have been taken by the police and local administrations at these business and shopping points. The station house officers concerned have been asked to ensure deployment of policemen. Patrolling officials have also been asked to prevent theft or robbery incidents.