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Non-Transparent’ debuts at Alhamra

Punjab University (PU) Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Mujahid Kamran inaugurated Aisha Siddiqi’s painting exhibition titled “Non-Transparent” displayed at the Alhamra Art Gallery
on Tuesday.
Addressing the occasion, the Kamran said the artist had shown many aspects of society in her work and had expressed complex feelings and emotions through the display. The VC appreciated Aisha’s creativity and originality. All displays were in a frame and the faces painted were hidden, complicated and half-shown. “The images that are made to hide behind black and white lines and painted boxes are very unique and distinct,” said the VC. “The black and white lines reflect there is little transparency in the society. It also shows the double-standard divergence and the hypocritical behaviours prevalent here,” he added.
PU College of Art and Design Principal Prof Dr Rahat Naveed Masud, faculty members and a large number of art-lovers were also present on the occasion.

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